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 The Small Beast is a line of deconstructionist inspired jewelry hand made by Seattle based designer Shelby Lou Cypher. Formally trained in painting, Shelby's love of tactile three-dimensional forms soon led her to sculpture and ultimately jewelry design.  Painterly techniques often find their way into pieces with hand applied patinas, tool marks, and varying textures pushing the material to it’s full potential.

  Each one of a kind and limited run piece is created using carefully selected metals and natural elements to enhance it's metaphysical associations. Minimalist designs join highly detailed hand sculpted pieces to form an eclectic and ever changing dark themed collection. Inspiration is drawn from ancient tombs, animism, folk magic, grey areas, dark corners and alien landscapes.


In addition to the permanent line of made to order designs, The Small Beast offers a monthly release of one of a kind and limited run pieces. Release dates are announced through our social media accounts as well as our monthly newsletter